The Session is a group of Elders from the congregation. They are responsible for worship, for supervision of sacraments, for keeping the membership roll, and for outreach in the community and the world. Each of the Elders has an assigned district. The Session meets bi-monthly. 


Elder Duty Roster 2017

 January                     Janet Mason & Earl Bachman

February                    Everett Mason & Corella Courtney

March                        Sheila Tanner & Christy Corkum

April                          Tom Ritcey & Elaine Ernst

May                           Thelma Blinn & David Corkum

June                          Peggy Greek & Charlotte Smith

July/August                Sylvia Shaw (one Elder for summer months)

September                 Volunteers

October                     Jamie Ernst & Helen Bennett

November                  Jamesie Mayo & Diane Macdonald

December                  Carolyn McAllister & Ivan Carey

Communion Preparation List 2017

Sunday - February 26, 2017 - Last Sunday before Lent (Traditional)

Everett Mason                           Tom Ritcey

Corella Courtney                        Thelma Blinn

Carolyn McAllister                      Les Mason


Sunday - April 16, 2017 - Easter Sunday (Intinction)

Charlotte Smith                   Sheila Tanner

Peggy Greek                       Elaine Ernst


Sunday - June 4, 2017 - Pentecost (Intinction)

Ivan Carey                        Helen Bennett

Corella Courtney                Carolyn McAllister


Districts for Elders

District 1 - Corella Courtney - Creighton Street to Prince Street - Back Harbour to Kissing Bridge Road, Cornwallis to Kissing Bridge Road

District 2 - Earl Bachman - Hopson, Prince and Creighton Streets - The Loop

District 3 - Ivan Carey - Creighton Street to York & Fox, King Street to Blockhouse Hill, Kaulback Street to King Street

District 4 - Carolyn McAllister - Fox to Waterfront, Kaulback to King, Harbour View Heights area

District 5 - Diane Macdonald - York Street to Townsend Street, King Street to Kempt Street

District 6 - Jamie Ernst - Townsend Street to Waterfront, Kempt Street to Shpyard, Pelham Street

District 7 - Sylvia Shaw - Harbour View Haven

District 8 - Mike Zinck - Tannery Road, Cove Road, Mason's Beach Road

District 9 - Helen Bennett - Brook (MacDonald to end) & Montgomery

District 10 - Elaine Ernst - Garden Lots

District 11 - Sheila Tanner - Garden Lots & Blue Rocks Road

District 12 - Peggy Greek - Garden Lots & Blue Rocks

District 13 - David Corkum - Second Peninsula & Martins Brook

District 14 - Everett Mason - Heckman's Island, Blue Rocks, Stonehurst

District 15 - Thelma Blinn - First Peninsula

District 16 - Christy Corkum - Sunnybrook, Young's Landing, Herman's Island, Mader's Cove

District 17 - Janet Mason - First South, Corkum's Island, Bayport, Indian Path

District 18 - Charlotte Smith - Centre, Spectacle Lakes


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