The purpose of the Board is to oversee the vision of the Church and to encourage implementation of that vision by the committees.  This includes supervision of the work and function of all Church Committees.

In 2013, following the establishment of the Central United Lunenburg Pastoral Charge in 2012, the congregation undertook to examine the options for a new governance structure for our Pastoral Charge.  The result was that we established a hybrid model for the Board which includes some elements of a Unified Board and some of a Church Council.

The Board consists of the Chair, Secretary, Minister, Church Treasurer, Clerks of Session and one representative of each of the following groups or committees in the church:

·         Stewards

·         Trustees & Manse

·         Sunday School/Christian Development

·         Music & Worship

·         Ministry & Personnel

·         United Church Women

·        Presbytery Representatives (2) – currently not filled

·        Members at Large (2) – currently not filled

Every Board member excepting the Chair, Secretary and Minister will have one vote.  In the event of a tie vote, the Chair will cast the deciding vote.

Quorum is one half of the total number of Board members – plus one.  Quorum must include a member of the Order of Ministry or a designated representative from Presbytery (United Church Manual 2013 – 7.7.4b)

The Board meets approximately bi-monthly.

Ministry & Personnel

This is a mandatory committee required by the United Church of Canada. The Committee has three members who oversee the paid staff at Central United Church and this includes the Minister, the Minister of Music, the Church Secretary, the Custodian and the Church Treasurer. The Committee also deals with any issues that come up pertaining to these positions and their roles within the church. Quoting the “Ministry and Personnel Committee Guidelines” in the United Church Manual B.7.8.1 & 5:

the M & P Committee has a dual role: it is consultative and supportive. This means they support and consult with the paid staff and also with the members of the congregation of Central United Church.

Music & Worship

Centralʼs Music & Worship Committee is a dynamic group of individuals who are keen to incorporate new ideas into a solid yet evolving Christian tradition. They strive to be open to the needs of the congregation, and to serve the wide range of beliefs that make Central such a colourful and energetic place to worship. Welcome and warmth, inspiration, thought provoking, vibrant and varied music, relevant and educational are the values we strive for when planning worship at Central - all with the aim of drawing people closer to spirit and into greater connection with the world around. We are always looking for new ideas and comments regarding our services.


The Session is a group of Elders from the congregation.  They are responsible for worship, for supervision of sacraments, for keeping the membership roll, and for outreach in the community and the world. Each of the Elders has an assigned district. The Session meets bi-monthly.




The Committee of Stewards is in charge of the care and management of financial matters within the church. The budget chairperson prepares a budget at the beginning of each year and a uniform system is in place to accept offerings and donations, pay bills and make purchases. All revenues and expenditures are documented by the Treasurer and a financial statement brought to the monthly meetings for approval.


Another role of the Committee of Stewards is to maintain the building and property owned by the church. The Property Chairperson, a member of the Committee, along with two other members are responsible for keeping everything in good repair. A report is given at each monthly meeting.


The Chairperson of the Committee of Stewards, along with the Church Secretary, receive rental requests and make decisions regarding the use of the church space.


CHAIRPERSON: Carolyn McAllister
SECRETARY: Helen Bennett
TREASURER: Danny Croft
PROPERTY CHAIRMAN: Earl Bachman and members Doug Greek, Oliver Levy
ADDITIONAL MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE: Ivan Carey, Jamesie Mayo, Judy Myra and Carolyn Tanner


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The United Church of Canada

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